Door for Ultimaker 2 (UM2) 3D Printer

When 3D-printing ABS or other materials which tend to warp easily, it is a good idea to use a more or less enclosed build chamber: This will avoid drafts of cold air which could ruin your print and raise the ambient temperature inside the printer a bit, which helps to reduce warping effects. Last not 

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Strip feeders and modular tray for SMD

I often make prototype PCBs on my LitePlacer pick & place machine. The SMT parts usually come packaged as cut tape, as I do not require large enough quantities to justify buying full reels. In order to make the production process more efficient, I needed „feeders“ for those tape strips which met the following objectives: 

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Improved 3D printable camera mount

I updated and improved the design for my pick-and-place machine’s camera and hexagonal LED array holder. The new version better fits the LED PCB I had manufactured. Combined with the barebones of a Logitech C270 USB HD Webcam it makes a good table scanner camera for LitePlacer or other pick-and-place machine. Disclaimer: If you order 

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Hexagonal LED Light

Lately, I had some PCBs manufactured for the hexagonal LED light of my pick-and-place machine’s table camera: Six individual segment boards are connected by solder joints on the corners. The array nicely fits the 3D printable camera mount I described in another post. I have to give credit to Brian Dorey for the design idea. 

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Willkommen auf meinem Blog

Herzlich willkommen auf meinem Weblog. Ich werde an dieser Stelle über Software, Hardware, Elektronik, Unternehmensgründung und vielleicht auch noch ein paar andere Themen berichten.