3D printable camera mount for LitePlacer P&P machine

I am sharing the 3D printable camera mount I have designed and built for my LitePlacer P&P machine:

up_cam_01 up_cam_02 up_cam_03

It nicely fits the barebones ripped from a Logitech C270 webcam – which you can buy at a fair price:
Logitech C270 USB HD Webcam

Disclaimer: If you order the camera through above Link, I will receive a small commission from Amazon PartnerNet affiliate program – you will pay the same price as when shopping directly from Amazon.

The assembly consists of five 3D printed parts. They were designed to print best using a 0.4mm nozzle (standard on Ultimaker2). I printed mine from ABS at a layer height of 0.16mm and 30% infill.


You will need and a bit of cyanacrylate (or 2k epoxy) to glue the top frame to the LED hex mount – I could not figure out a clever way to print it in one part.

Camera PCB should have the LED (D1) and microphone (M1) desoldered and can be mounted using original screws.

The upper lid of the camera case is fixed to both the camera holder and LED mount using 2x6mm screws – seven are needed in total.

This mount will work with any tabletop up to 26mm thickness.

UPDATE: I have changed and improved the design and shared a new version of it. Find a description and download in separate post Improved 3D printable camera mount.

The ZIP file contains all the STL files you need to print your own version and also a PDF to help with the cutout for the table. Download it here: